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What Your Furniture Wishes You Did Before You Bought It

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Buying furniture is among the trickiest processes that you can come across. It is even worse when you have no information when heading out to make purchases. When you make the wrong purchases, you’re not the only one who has to live with the consequences of your poor decision making. In fact, if there is anyone that should be angered by your poor choices, that would be your furniture. It is the one that has to deal with the constricted spaces that you will try to fit it in, have the painful experience of having to fight to get through the doorways and the painful scars and tears that come with the process. If the furniture could talk, here are a couple of things it would advise you to lock down on before taking it out of the store.

Measure the furniture… TWICE!!

Your desire to get a great piece of furniture that is very appealing to your eye is most likely going to cloud your judgement. You will try and convince yourself that the piece will fit with a few inches to spare. Don’t be too confident just yet. You need to make sure that you have the facts right. Before coming to make the purchases, you should have measured out where you would like to place the furniture. Now measure the furniture and measure it a second time to be certain that it will fit. It should have plenty of room left to spare to keep it from getting damaged.

Caucasian salesman measuring furniture in store

Caucasian salesman measuring furniture in store

Please sit. If you must, lie on it

Visual looks are one thing. The experience is an entirely different thing. Taking the furniture out of the store without sitting on them is like buying a car without taking it for a test drive.  No one would ever think of making that mistake. DO not make it when it comes to buying your furniture. If it’s a couch, sit on it. Have a feel of how comfortable or uncomfortable it is. If it is a bed, make sure you lie on it. It would be very disappointing for you to take your furniture through the traumatic experience of transportation only for you to have to bring it back because of discomfort.

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Flex your muscle

In most instances when you take your furniture home and happens to break prematurely, there is a good chance that you’re going to blame that on the piece. Most likely it is your fault. Before you buy the furniture, try and lift it up. Usually, the weight of the furniture is indicative of its quality. Do not take the sales person’s word for it. Do your due diligence so you don’t have to blame the furniture later on.



Check the finishing

Lastly you need to check the finishing. You want to get the best value for your money and above all, you need to make sure that you don’t end up with shoddy finishing. It is very important for you to make sure you get that clean and professional look so be careful and keen.


If only you could listen to your furniture, you would have a very profound relationship together. Of course, that relationship will always start with you being able to make the right purchase.

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Furniture

Everything You Didn’t Know About Furniture

Posted by on Jan 2, 2016 in Buying New Furniture, Furniture Repair, Maintenance of Furniture |

Did you ever stop to think about your furniture? Unless you’re an interior designer, the answer is probably no. The only time when we think about our furniture is when we are supposed to move in, or move out. Unfortunately, this is the truth.
Still, that doesn’t mean that there are not certain things that you should know about your furniture, that will help you enjoy it and use it to the fullest. Here are just some of the things that you should have in mind all the time – when it comes to furniture.

1. Treat It Right

Your furniture is there to serve you, however, you must also remember to take care of it. Try to treat your furniture right. If you see that something needs fixing, mending, or cleaning – make sure that you do so as soon as possible! If you take good care of your furniture are not only that it will last longer, but you will also feel more satisfied living in your home.

Do everything you can to protect your furniture, and by this I mean placing soft pads on your heavy dining chairs, putting the glass for protection and more polished look on your dining table or saarinen table, for which you enjoy with your friends, and similar things that you can do in order to protect your furniture so that it preserves its original qualities.

2. Use It Or Lose It

It can be fairly easy to clutter in your home in furniture pieces that you don’t need. If you recognize such behavior with yourself, make sure that you change it as soon as possible. If you don’t use of furniture piece, I would say that you should get rid of it. This will help you avoid making unnecessary clutter in your home. Also, it will help you live in comfortable home where you use all the furniture pieces, rather than a home which is constantly cluttered in these roadblocks of furniture that you don’t use.

So my motto is: if you don’t use it – you better lose it!

Be Creative

3. Be Creative

Interior design is especially appealing to everyone who has the needs to share their creativity in a practical way. My advice to you is to be creative when it comes to your furniture.

This can apply to the decoration, but it can also apply to the very arrangement of furniture, as well as the use of furniture. If you can use a certain piece of furniture for various uses, make sure that you do so. Not only that this will show your creativity, but you will also save space and money on additional furniture pieces.
When it comes the decoration, decorate your furniture so that it tells something about you, and expresses your character – this is always a good conversation starter.

4. Mix It Up!

If you think that all the furniture pieces in your home must match perfectly when it comes to style and color – think again! Some of the best homes I have visited are decorated in the eclectic style – in other words by mixing up furniture pieces, you are giving a real flare to your home and making it unique, so don’t be afraid to do just that!

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